ADR (hazardous cargo)

WILDE Transports offers transportation services of hazardous cargo by road transport.

Transportation of hazardous cargo are called ADR and it is one of the most strictly internationally regulated transport sectors.

Accidents involving hazardous cargo are not too common, but when they occur, large-scale serious consequences are possible. Therefore, the most important task is to ensure public safety during the transportation of hazardous cargo.

Due to the world's industrialization process, now there is a rapid increase in the hazardous cargo containing substances that in case of leaking through the packaging potentially are a threat to human health and the environment.

If the legislation is complied with, transportation of hazardous cargoes is not more dangerous than any other form of shipping. For this reason, laws, rules and instructions that strictly regulate the transportation of the cargo, as well as execution control play special important role.

All WILDE Transports drivers are ADR certified.